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Coping Today.......Conquering Tomorrow Counseling in Beaumont

Coping Today.......Conquering Tomorrow Counseling in Beaumont

Coping Today.......Conquering Tomorrow Counseling in BeaumontCoping Today.......Conquering Tomorrow Counseling in Beaumont

Who We Are

Our Facility


The goal of POWCS is to assist individuals that have questions about themselves and are looking for a place to receive answers and have nowhere to turn to.  POWCS wants to be that outlet for individuals that are hurting, grieving, angry, depressed or experiencing life's many challenges.

POWCS's Treatment Focus


Our focus is to help individuals heal, overcome and become aware of the inner strengths which they possess. We achieve this by providing a safe environment where your voice is heard and a plan is tailored to your specific need. 

POWCS's Promise to Clients


We promise to treat you with respect and courtesy every step of this journey and to be with you as needed.  You are not a number, a co-pay or a payment to us, you are a special individual and you will be treated as such.  

About Me

Established in 2013

A wife and mother who achieved a Bachelor of Science in Psychology  from University of Houston-Downtown in 2005. I went on to receive a Master's of Education from Texas Southern University with a focus in Counseling in 2007.  I am Board Certified by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.  Following a 8 year career in the US Army where I served in Operation Desert Storm, I decided to acquire  skills that I never received as a soldier when mandated to seek counseling by my superiors or later in life when my father died and I actually needed to understand my non-ending grief.  The professionals I sought out only wanted to medicate me which only resulted in my "sleeping the pain away."    My goal is to help you conquer your pain TODAY in order to allow you to cope tomorrow.....and the days that follow.

Your OPINION is the only one that matters

Society has placed such a negative connotation on Mental Health counseling that it actually prevents those that actually would like to receive assistance from acquiring it.  Here at POWCS, we like to say "smart people seek help while those that make fun of them actually need it."  So if you take the time to seek help for a problem that you know you  cannot handle alone, you have made a very wise and SMART decision, let us help you see it through.

Let's Dance....

Our  session consists of a finely tuned interaction (conversation) between you and I where you take the lead and I follow.  I will only direct you in the event that you lose your way.  If there is ONE place where your voice will be heard and make a difference to someone .....let it be here.  While I may not tell you what you desire to hear, I will ALWAYS tell you what is essential for your growth which will help you long-term to become very productive both on the inside as well as the outside.

A Few of our Therapy Specialties

Depression & Anxiety


Depression, anger, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that can be experienced at any given time in life. Our goal is to help you effectively deal with said emotions to prevent them from controlling you and allow you to control them. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and gain your second wind and begin anew.


Trauma & PTSD


Counseling in Beaumont Many individuals are affected by trauma at one time or another in life.   As a result of such, various emotions can crop up and affect us in ways that we were not expecting, when this occurs, we must seek help from trained individuals to help us cope with said emotions so that we can continue to function in our daily lives.  POWCS has been working with rape survivors, trauma and PTSD  since 1998 



Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to establish an emotional bond, strengthen an emotional connection or reinvigorate a long-term relationship. Therapy sessions are INITIALLY held with both parties to determine the crux of the issue, then both parties are encouraged to work on their issues as individuals and return as a whole.  If this is not suitable, the parties can remain as a unit the entire time.  The process is client -centered.

Also trained in


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing which is used to assist those that have undergone trauma to  help create the connections between your brain’s memory  enabling your brain to process the traumatic memory in a very natural way without causing additional harm from the trauma itself.  Providing a "Safe  Place".


Military Sexual Trauma/Sexual Assault

 As a survivor of Military Sexual Assault, it became my motivation to overcome the anger and hatred that was embedded deep within me that I was unable to obtain help for from any other Mental Health provider in my past,  In so doing, I was able to heal myself from the inside out and now am able to do the same for others to assist them in becoming VICTORIOUS instead of having a Victim mindset as I once did.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Is the process of assisting clients with changing their negative thought distortions to positive affirmations.  Also referred to as re-framing one's thoughts processes.  It was originally used with Depression, but is now used with various aspects of Mental Health  and is quite successful with stress, anger, anxiety and other modalities.  

Being Content in your Single state

A recent segment from Channel 50 on The Beat with De'Jonique Garrison regarding being Single and Content

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